Thai, Vietnamese and South Asian Cuisine

Asian Foods has a comprehensive product line to fit our Thai, Vietnamese and South Asian customers’ needs.

Below are some specialty items that enhance your signature dishes:


Specialty Produce:

Description Pack
Mango 6ct or 9ct
Green Papaya 2ct or 30lb
Thai Chili Peppers 30lb or 1lb
 Mint 1lb
Thai Basil 15lb or 1lb
Galanga Root 1lb
Lemongrass 10lb


Description Pack
Massaman Curry Paste 12/35oz
Red Curry Paste 12/35oz
Green Curry Paste 12/35oz
Penang Curry Paste 12/35oz
Yellow Curry Paste 24/14oz
Green Curry 12/24oz
Penang Curry Paste 48/4oz

Dry Goods:

Description Pack
Fish Sauce 12/23oz
Palm Sugar 12/21oz
Thai Tea Mix- Leaves Grinded 30/16oz
Healthy Boy Mushroom Soy Sauce 12/23.5oz
Edamame 20/1lb
Golden Rose Jasmine Rice 50lb
Three Ladies Jasmine Rice 50lb

For many more items, please contact us.