We have worked hard over the years to understand our customers’ needs and to build a broad and deep product line to meet the everyday need for basic staple items, as well as the unique requirements of several specialized ethnic cuisines. Click below to get a more detailed look at our product offering, by product group, or by sub-cuisine.

Dry groceries,                                                                               Chinese

Frozen groceries,                                                                         Japanese

Seafood, fresh and frozen                                                      Thai/Vietnamese/Southeast Asian

Meat,                                                                                               Indian

Poultry,                                                                                           African

Produce                                                                                          Mid-eastern

Dairy,                                                                                              Mediterranean

Paper and other disposables

Cleaning and sanitation products

Supplies and equipment


Our Unique Brands

Our unique and exclusive Brands are tailored to the special requirements of our customers.


Ji Hao means “Excellent, best of the best”, and that is what we strive for when we carefully select every item that carries our Ji Hao Brand. We select only products meeting the highest standards for quality and freshness. 


Shang Pin is another exclusive brand available only through Asian Foods. Shang Pin products combine consistent high quality with economic pricing to make them a great value for our customers. 

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As a member of the Sysco family, we can also provide our customer access to several exclusive Sysco brands that have been well-known for many years for their consistent high quality and excellent value. Our sales team can help advise each customer on the right brands for them.