Sysco Asian Foods is committed to helping your restaurant succeed. We offer a variety of high-quality products to match your specialty menu with exceptional service, convenience, and value. Our experienced team of Marketing Associates and Merchandisers continually strive to enhance our stock options according to your business needs.

Halal Meat 

ITEM # Description Pack
4413555 Chicken Breast 40lb
2484145 Drumsticks Small 40lb
9995622 Thigh Meat 40lb
7775295 Leg Quarters– Small 40lb
6827382 3lb & Up Whole Chicken 50lb CW
0263887 2lb & Up Whole Chicken 40lb CW


8163366 Gyro Athenian Cone -Large 30lb
2360931 Gyro Chicken Cone -Medium 2/19lb
1740182 Gyro Cone Chicago -Medium 2/20lb
8125854 Gyro Chicago Cone-Large 1/30lb
5043276 Gyro Olympic Cone Spirit- Medium 2/20lb
8229266 Gyro Olympic Cone Spirit Large 1/30lb

Pita Bread and More

2236222 Pita Bread 6” NY Style 12/10ct
1494343 Pita Bread 7” NY Style 12/10ct
5466133 Pita Bread 7” Chicago 12/10ct
8245068 Flatbread 5.5×8 Multigrain NAAN 12/5ct
3112154 Poppy Hot Dog Bun 12/10ct
7105440 Flour Tortilla 6” Pressed 24/12ct

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