Indian Cuisine

Our Marketing and Merchandise associates are trained to understand our customers’ needs. Our associates are experts not in just understanding the language, but the culture of you and your customers. We provide you the right ingredients so you can serve your customer more authentic food.

Below is a list of some of the product we carry:



5288275 Besan-chick Pea Flour 20/2lb
7916986 Chapati Flour Indian Bread Flour 2/20lb
2688238 Flour Wheat Chapati 1/20ib
6908321 Chana Dal Lentil 1/4lb
1026119 Spice Masala Chana 500gm
0257309 Moong Dal Lentil 1/4lb
7917269 Masoor Dal Lentil 1/4lb
5287745 Urad Whole Black Lentil 4lb
0240947 Urad Split Lentil White 40lb
5440876 Papad Indian Lentil Chip 20x7oz
5287667 Toor Dal Lentil 4lb

Basmati Rice


For many more items, please contact us.