Sysco Asian Foods is committed to helping your restaurant succeed. We offer a variety of high-quality products to match your specialty menu with exceptional service, convenience, and value. Our experienced team of Marketing Associates and Merchandisers continually strive to enhance our stock options according to your business needs.

Halal Meat:

Including chicken, lamb, beef and gyros

Lentils/ Beans:

Description Pack Size
Besan-chick Pea Flour 20/2lb
Chapati Flour Indian Bread Flour 2/20lb
Flour Wheat Chapati 1/20ib
Chana Dal Lentil 1/4lb
Spice Masala Chana 500gm
Moong Dal Lentil 1/4lb
Masoor Dal Lentil 1/4lb
Urad Whole Black Lentil 4lb
Urad Split Lentil White 40lb
Papad Indian Lentil Chip 20x7oz
Toor Dal Lentil 4lb
Red Kidney Bean 6/10lb
Bean Garbanzo Dry 10/4lb
Garbanzo Beans Canned 6/10lb
Spice Indian Dry Garbanzo Beans 55lb


We offer Basmati rice, jasmine rice and parboil rice


Description Pack Size
Pita Bread 6” NY Style 12/10ct
Pita Bread 7” NY Style 12/10ct
Pita Bread 7” Chicago 12/10ct
Flatbread 5.5×8 Multigrain NAAN 12/5ct
Poppy Hot Dog Bun 12/10ct
Flour Tortilla 6” Pressed 24/12ct

For many more items, please contact us.